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Whether you start with your Padi Divemaster Internship, a Padi Instructor Internship or only one diving course, it is important to know what you would like in diving, why and with whom. Check the PADI dive centers equipment, see the classrooms, meet the PADI dive staff, even online this is something you can do. This way you can ensure you are at the right diving place. This is most important for your fun, diving adventure and dive safety. Choose your dive pro course well, choose your future well.


What is in it for you? Why choose PADI?

PADI is the biggest and most organized diving training agency. PADI is international, so you can work anywhere in the world. PADI’s training standards are considered to be THE safety standard in the world. Most people that would like to learn to dive come inside diving centers and simply ask to do their PADI. If you have any questions you can call the PADI offices, the people there are friendly, helpful and know all there is about diving. PADI goes out of its way to protect you (by developing standards and by providing insurances).

So when you become a PADI Professional, you will have the tools (PADI Educational Materials), the knowledge (solid PADI Training), the support (PADI Offices around the world) and the benefits (PADI Magazines, updates, seminars and the PADI Certification Card) to be a better Instructor, with more job possibilities all around the world !!

What is the difference? Is it difficult?

Difficult ? No. You will require to prepare yourself before a training by self study. But during our Professional Courses we will show you how easy it is when you use the PADI Educational Materials (DVD’s, CD-ROM’s, manuals, etc). This way life is easy, you follow the program and get students enthusiastic and make sure you check if they master their skills. More about this in the Padi Divemaster and PADI IDC Program. Let’s make your life clear and easy, so there is plenty of time to have FUN while diving and teaching !

For courses until PADI Divemaster

If you have a certification card of another diving agency, you don’t have to learn the same level again. If you have missed some necessary steps in the process or it was a long time ago, you might have you do a 1 day refresher. After this you are ready to proceed to the next level !!! Even for the Padi Divemaster Course, you can start with this course if you have a certification card, which is the equivalent of the PADI Rescue Course, with proof of 40 logged dives, proof of deep diving (under instruction) and a card for CPR and First Aid.

For Padi Assistant Instructors and Padi Instructors levels

If you would like to become a PADI Instructor and you are already an instructor with another diving training agency, we will have to teach you about PADI. This basically means you will have to do the full Padi IDC Course. We will give you a discount for being an Instructor already though (have a look at the IDC Packages and Prices). During the Padi IDC Course you will learn all there is to learn about PADI, the way PADI Professionals teach diving, how to use the PADI Educational Materials and improve on your (teaching) skills.

It’s a once in a life time experience and a lot of FUN !



Why choose Andaman Dive Adventure for your dive career?

As with any other job you have done, you might have noticed that you are being hired on your interview, your resume and of course your character. You know what you would like to see in a Padi Divemaster or Padi Dive Instructor, when you are fun divingor doing a Padi dive course some where. I am sure you know good and bad Divemasters / Dive Instructors. Places you would like to work and places you never want to go back to.

It is Andaman Dive Adventures job to make you the best possible PADI Dive Professional, in a style that fits with your character. To build up your diving resume, so you will actually find a dive job, where you would like to dive and work in diving. To explain to you what you need to reach YOUR GOAL!

Simply stated we, at Andaman Dive Adventure Lanta, are here for you. We don’t only make sure you understand your diving theory, your swimming requirements and your practical dive requirements. We also allow you to grow, to adapt your own style in diving and assist you with dive training and diving practice that will further build your dive resume.

What is the difference to other PADI IDCs?

In contrary to other Padi IDC Courses, I am not only a PADI Course Director, but I also own and work at a PADI dive center. I work with dive students from all over the world every day. I also hire PADI Dive Instructors & PADI Divemasters and review diving resumes, so I know what kind of PADI Divemasters / PADI Dive Instructors I would like to hire. This gives you real life diving examples during the dive course, a real life diving setting during the dive course and hands on diving experience. This will make you a better Padi Divemaster / PADI Dive Instructor and improve your chances of finding YOUR DREAM DIVE JOB !

This is a life style many divers would like to have and to do. You are actually starting YOUR DREAM !! We will provide you with all the dive tools, diving knowledge and dive information to make you a better PADI Divemaster / PADI Dive Instructor. We want you to be able to live our diving life style. So we do have the same GOAL and DREAM!

Why Koh Lanta for your Padi Professional Course?

Thai food is excellent, Thai people are wonderful and sweet. Bungalows and food is not expensive. Every day we have beautiful weather, palm trees, beautiful sunsets, white sandy beaches and nice warm sea water. Our diving is rated around the best of the world. We have everything under the same roof, you do not need to go anywhere else. Our confined water is here, our Open Water aswell and our classrooms have fan or air conditioning. We have a generator for rainy season and are the whole year around open. You will love Koh Lanta, our beach and our diving!

Let’s make your diving future together!

Lisa Bier – PADI Course Director 469396

Contact Lisa on info@andamandiveadventure.com